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Autumn in Venice: this is why it's the best time to visit

The autumn months are the best time to visit Venice, to get to know it and be able to walk around it peacefully. Not only is it much cooler, but the hordes of tourists disappear and you can finally dedicate yourself to some truly unique experiences, typical of those who live on the lagoon.

Autumn colours

Who said that autumn is grey and sad? If you decide to take a trip to Burano in autumn, you will no longer share this belief! The colourful houses typical of the lagoon island, painted with bright colours so they were recognisable to sailors returning home, stand out even more. With less light and, perhaps, with the mist rising, Burano will seem even more vivid and colourful.

Venice too is pleasantly affected by the warm autumn tones of the leaves. Parks and gardens turn into a red and ochre carpet that extends right up to the lagoon. Imagine the contrast between these warm colours and the cold blue and green shades of the water.

High water

It is true that Venice is always surrounded by waves, but imagine what a surreal spectacle it would be to watch it slowly disappear beneath the waters creeping ever higher! In autumn, when rainfall is abundant, the water of the lagoon rises and covers the entire city. In this case you do not need to take a gondola, just put on a nice pair of rubber boots and walk towards Piazza San Marco to see it reflected on the water, using the typical walkways for pedestrians!

Autumn on the table

More proof that autumn has arrived can be found on the table. Colours, flavours: everything is related to the season, the main ingredients of which are pumpkin and crabs.

The three Venetian autumn specialities cooked with pumpkin are risotto, beef carpaccio marinated in red wine with candied pumpkin and, for a sweet to finish to the meal, baked pumpkin sprinkled with honey, a few walnut kernels and pomegranate seeds.

Lagoon crabs, on the other hand, shed their shells in spring and autumn. During that period, when they have no shell, they are caught and fried and served with polenta. The typical name of this dish is "moeche".

For a slightly more invigorating drink than the typical fresh aperitif (spritz), turn to mulled wine, the spicy red wine with cinnamon, cloves and orange typical of Northern Italy and the Alps. And if you're walking around the streets, follow the scent of roasted chestnuts and warm your hands with a freshly roasted bag of them.

So simply book a stay at Jolly Camping in Town, where you will meet many travellers just like you, find a pair of rubber boots, sling the camera around your neck for your best photos, sit at the table and enjoy the autumn!

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